Nurture Academy’s CAYS (Children and Youth Salon) is a tailored Salon Based in the heart of Stratford.


As the name suggests, it’s a salon designed specifically for children and young people. We welcome everyone from all backgrounds within the age range is 5 to 18 years.


Whether it’s a first hair cut or school leavers getting ready for their prom; our environment makes everyone feel comfortable.


Over the years we have seen and worked in many salons which cater to adults but who are lacking when it comes to engaging children and giving age-appropriate styles.


Based on the feedback from parents, they would like a child-friendly salon which is affordable, clean, and which exercises great customer care for their children.

Nurture Academy CAYS

Here at CAYS, we provide:

  • A salon that caters to all cultures
  • A child-friendly team who are all DBS checked
  • A place children can relax, read & play games

‘Nurture A child’ Initiative


We are partnering with schools in Newham and Tower Hamlets to help parents/carers who:


  • have low incomes
  • have multiple children within the family
  • work long hours
  • struggle to look after their children’s hair


Our aim is to offer a Salon service through the schools whereby children who meet the criteria can come to CAYS to get their hair done on a monthly basis.


Here is the following service that will be offered:


  • Haircuts
  • Trims
  • Plaits
  • Twists
  • Cornrows
  • Braids
  • Re-twist locs


When we look and feel good inside and out, we perform better and achieve more. How much more for a child who is facing the pressures of adolescence?

Nurture Academy CAYS

How it works


With monthly donations of £25 from individuals sponsors or organisations, we will be able to provide this service FREE of charge to the recipients.


Vouchers will be given from Nurture Academy to partnering schools who will then give it to their students who meet the criteria. Vouchers will be given to schools on a monthly basis if funding/sponsors permit.


Please help us to make this possible. Click here to donate today.

Nurture Academy

Nurture Academy began in 2010 as a braiding centre. Portia Louis Founder, Director and Consultant began the company with the aim to teach the art of hair braiding to those wishing to learn.

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