Football and Futsal

Our coach Carl Duggay – During has extensive experience of working with young people in a variety of setting. He is a qualified coach, he has received training from the Football Association and he is passionate about Futsal and it’s benefit to young people.

Futsal is a variation of football, similar to five aside. It is typically played on an indoor pitch or basketball court. The game is very popular in South America and also European countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy. These countries have produced some of the greats in football and many of them accredit their success to the skills they gain whilst playing Futsal.

Our sessions are an introduction to the game, covering all the fundamentals such as ‘short passing’ and ‘ball control’.
The smaller ball used in Futsal helps players to work on their technical skills. The fact Futsal is played indoors means that we run our sessions all year round, keeping those who play conventional football fit in and out of season.

Players develop skills for on and off the pitch as the game increases communication skills, teamwork, strategic planning, and foresight. Futsal is a great social activity, also a great cardio workout.

If you are trying to develop professional players, we recommend our Futsal and football combination course which directly relates techniques used in Futsal to the strengths it brings to Footballers.

An in-depth breakdown of what we cover during these two courses is available – please contact us for this.

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